About PLT CUSD #3

In 1969 Prophetstown and Lyndon formed a consolidated district and grew with the annexation of Tampico schools in 1997.  Our communities share an honored heritage with Tampico being the birthplace of President Ronald Reagan and the city name of Prophetstown derived from the Black Hawk Indian chief, Wabokoshiek, who had been named the "The Prophet".

Our well maintained communities remain true to the hallmarks of Midwestern America, small town life while providing progressive services, highlighted by business and health care with colleges in nearby cities. Our focus is on an education foundation that prepares all students for a lifetime of learning.  Implementation of the new Illinois Learning Standards complements our safety oriented, 900 student Pre-K to High School district.  Most recently our Tampico and Prophetstown Elementary Schools student achievement scores were the highest in the Sauk Valley region with respectful scores of 72 and 71 percent proficient. Highlighting this accomplishment were the 2013 Illinois School Spotlight and Academic Achievement awards to Tampico Elementary.  Being one of only eight schools in Illinois to accomplish this stellar feat in 2014, Tampico Elementary raised the bar to 73% where all of our district fourth and fifth grade students attend. Our students embrace learning and prepare for the world of tomorrow while experiencing the world today via Chromebook computers for every child in grades 3-12.  This 1:1 student learning initiative is supported by a high speed, iFiber fiber optic internet.  Our instructional staff, supplemented by technology, offers our students 25 hours or more of free college credit before high school graduation on the Prophetstown High School campus.

Recently, the district constructed two new facilities, the Tampico Elementary School in Tampico and the Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico Middle School in Prophetstown including a polyurethane eight lane track/football field with lighting.  Long term indebtedness often accompanies school construction.  By January 1, 2015, all P-L-T CUSD #3 debt, including the $3.25 million of Health, Life Safety bond debt, was paid.   

Our District is proud of the educational opportunities provided for our children.  Please contact me with additional questions or if you would like a tour of the facilities.  Thank you for your interest in our district and the educational opportunities we provide our children which prepare them for a lifetime of learning success in a world of change.