The Prophetstown-Lyndon-School School District, in cooperation with parents and community, expects all students to achieve academic and personal excellence in a challenging, relevant, and supportive learning environment. When families are involved in their children's learning both at home and at school, children do better in school. As a district, we welcome families to be active participants in the education of their children in the following ways:


Establish home environments to support children as students:

Hold high expectations for your child's success
Provide healthy meals and snacks for your children
Establish a daily routine, including time for homework and academic support
Make sure your child gets adequate rest
Keep your child home to recuperate during times of illness
Be aware of classroom procedures, rules, and schedules
Make sure your child is at school everyday on time


Communicating about school programs and children's progress:

Conferences will be held with the child's teacher at least twice a year
Report cards and AIMS results
School wide phone messaging system
Frequent access to staff
Messages on the school marquee
Calls/letters/e-mails home
Attend School Board meetings

Learning at Home

How to help students with homework and other education related decisions:

Read with your children daily
Take family field trips to museums and other points of interest
Visit the library
Get a library card for your child
Use family errands as learning tools, such as budgeting, making change, shopping for repairs, using measurements, estimating, telling time, reading maps, following directions, etc.
Give children responsibilities in the family such as daily chores