Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3

Excellent Education = Empowered Citizens

High School • 310 W. Riverside, Prophetstown • 815-537-5161

Prophetstown High School

Welcome to Prophetstown High School! You will find PHS to be a solid educational and social experience. PHS is a school of almost 260 students in Prophetstown, Illinois, just 30 miles east of the Mississippi River.

PHS offers a good combination of curricular and extracurricular classes and activities. A student who actively participates in all walks of high school will find his/her school experience enriching and a strong base for future endeavors, whether that be college or career. Being involved in school activities will help prepare students in building goal-setting skills, leadership and teamwork. These skills are often requested by employers in the immediate area and across the country.

PHS has a history of fine academic and extracurricular accomplishments. As a member of the Three Rivers Athletic Conference, students compete with some of the most competitive high schools in the state of Illinois. The staff is dedicated to making our school a successful and educationally challenging learning environment.

Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3 is progressive and on the cutting edge of what works in schools. This is evidenced by our rigorous curriculum in all subject areas and the integration of technology in all classrooms. We are a one-to-one school with Chromebooks, which our students have adapted to exponentially. We also offer multiple online courses through Sauk Valley Community College and Illinois Virtual School for higher-level and dual-credit math and science. PHS is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to make our students successful.

Our goal is to create clear lines of communication to the community and parents. Please follow our PHS Facebook page, and feel free to call, email or stop by anytime.

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