Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3

Excellent Education = Empowered Citizens

Middle School • 38 Ferry St., Prophetstown • 815-537-5084

PLT Middle School

Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico Middle School is a safe school, located in a scenic area along the Rock River in Prophetstown, Illinois. The building was newly constructed in 2012. We educate approximately 150 students in grades 6-8. The student teacher ratio for our building is approximately 17 students per teacher, allowing for a student-focused approach to learning. Students are offered a comprehensive curriculum, consisting of both core academic classes and exploratory courses. As a result of staff collaboration and determination, PLT Middle School sets high standards and has consistently achieved academic success. Education is further supported by a 1:1 technology initiative which allows all students to have a Chromebook in the classroom and at home.

PLT Middle School staff members feel that an individual?s educational experience can be greatly enhanced by participation in activities outside of the classroom. Volleyball and basketball are offered for seventh and eighth grades. All PLTMS students are given the opportunity to participate in band, choir, quiz bowl, wrestling, cross country and track. We encourage students to be involved in one or more of these activities.

At Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico Middle School, we are dedicated to working with all of our students. Our dedicated staff works hard to provide students with an enriching educational experience, making PLT Middle School a fantastic school for our students and community.

Middle School Vision

We recognize that the focus of a middle school is to meet the educational as well as the personal, social, and physical developmental needs of young adolescents. In an effort to provide the best educational climate possible, we have addressed these developmental needs and established the following ways that our school can respond to them:

  • Create an atmosphere of positive social interaction between students and staff, as well as students and their peers.
  • Establish clear expectations and consequences for inappropriate behavior.
  • Provide a diversity of activities and rewards to ensure the probability of success of all students and to provide for creative expression.
  • Integrate learning throughout the curriculum.
  • Encourage meaningful participation in family, school, and community activities.
  • Provide structured outlets for physical energy.

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