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Laura Crisp - Library  
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Educational Helps  

Google Classroom

Storia - digital library Think Central
MAP Reading MAP Math
Technology Assessment for Grades 3-5 Houghton Mifflin Math
Interactive ISAT Sample Questions Kid's Place: Houghton Mifflin Reading
ISAT Quizzes Scholastic RC Books
Check to see if a book is an RC Book
ISAT Preps Prairiecat Library System
Library on the Web
Easybib BibMe Sports Illustrated Magazine for Kids
Putnam Museum and IMax Theater Time Magazine For Kids
Soft School
ISAT Practice
Educational Information for grades K-8
Educational Broadcasting Corp.
Enchanted Learning
Children's Online Dict.
Weekly Reader
Games and Puzzles
Guinness World Records
Interesting Facts
Math Facts
Practice the Math Facts
Timeline Maker
Create your own timeline
The New York Times
Teaching & Learning
Fairy Tale Resources
Fairy Tales for Toddlers, Kids, and Adults
Fact Monster
Areas of Math, Online Atlas, Almanac, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia
Phonics Skills
IKeep Bookmarks
Educational Games
Pictures for Learning  
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Kindergarten - 2nd Sites Starfall
Have Fun Learning to Read
All About Bats
Facts about Bats
Math Money
Bats (Kid Zone)
Bat Facts, Activities, & Photos
Math Playground
Sharpen your Math Skills
Bob the Builder
Games & Activities for the young
Meet Koko
The Gorilla Foundation
Community Club
Learn about jobs people do
Internet Safety for students
Counting Money PBS Kids
Stories of Arthur, Between the Lions, Clifford, and many other wonderful characters
Houghton Mifflin Education Place
Primary Games
A Fun Place to Learn
First Grade Math Skills Reading Planet
Online Books, Games, & Activities
Math Baseball & activities for K-8
San Diego Zoo
Kid Territory
Fun Ranch
Educational Games for Kids
Interactive Stories of Clifford, Magic School Bus, and others
Kindergarten & 1st Gr. Educational Games Second Grade Math Skills
Kindergarten Math Skills Smokey Bear
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
Learning Planet
Reading & Math for PreK-8
Story Time For Me
Free Online Children's Stories
Fun Math Games Themes On Line
4 Kids about Various Themes
Math Magician Math and Language Games
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Sites to help with ISAT Preps
Internet 4 Classrooms Primary 2-5 Preps (Crossword Puzzles)
NCES.ED Math and Science
ISAT 5th Grade Math Quiz Practice Multiplication
Math Playground/Angles Kidport/Angles
Moby Max Greg Tang Math
3rd - 5th Sites  
Math Web Sites
Moby Max Cool Math
A+ Math
Flashcards, Games, and More
Counting Money
Practice in Counting Money
Teach R Kids Math
For those frustrated with Math
Fun Brain
Math Baseball and many other great activities for Grades K-8

Speed Math Deluxe

Math Baseball
Fun with Math
Math Money
Practice in Counting Money
Math in Fun
Test your Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
Math Playground/Angles
Practice in Measuring Angles
Math Playground
Have fun with Algebra
Practice in Measuring Angles
Mental Math Protractor
Practice in Measuring Angles
Practice your multiplication with games and activities
Place Value Puzzler
Fun in learning Place Values
Teaching Time
Do you know what time it is?
What Time Is It?
Telling Time
Math Magician
Money Management  
Science Web Sites
Online Science Trivia Science Activities
Apples 4 the Class Science
Interactive Science Games
I Know That
Activities about Science and other areas of the Curriculum
Science Basic Skills Kids Astronomy
Weather Watch Kids Puzzles of Science and Math
Unites States Department of Agriculture
My Pyramid Blast Off Game
Amazing Human Body
Use Internet Explorer to learn about the Human Body
Provides educational online activities focused on science, math, and critical thinking
Inventions and Inventors
Information on many inventions
Great Plant Escape
Learning about plants
How Stuff Works
All about cool stuff from the inside out
  Prairie Buffalo
Prairie Learning Center Friends
Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars
Test your knowledge of Math and Science
Kids Club from NASA
Technology Web Sites
Typing Web
Practice your typing skills
Typing Master
Online typing games
Nitro Type
Online typing game (Have Fun)
Typing Game
Online typing games
  Discovery Education
Clipart Gallery
Fin, Fur, and Feather Bureau of Investigation Animal Agents fighting for Truth and Justice 80 Internet Mini-Scavenger Hunts
Scavenger Hunts on a wide range of topics
Reading and English
Vocabulary Games
The Fun way to build vocabulary skills
Chapter Heading
Know how to locate parts of a book
Fun For Girls
American Girl Magazine
Wacky Web Tales
Create your own tale
Social Studies
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Black History 101 and Black History 102
Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
Discovery News
Discover Exciting News Headlines
Kids National Geographic
Dare to Explore
Official Web Site for the State of Illinois
State Puzzle
Drag and Drop the state in its place
History in Your Pocket
Information from the United States Mint
The American Presidency
Information about the Presidents
President Pictures
Images of the United States Presidents
Presidents of the Untied States
Life in the White House
Civic Lessons/Games
Weekly Reader
Information for Kids
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