TES News

Dear families,

It is my honor to have been named the new principal at Tampico Elementary School. It has been clear since before my time began here that this is a campus of high expectations, and students meeting those expectations. Recognized in 2013 for both the Spotlight and Academic Improvement Awards, the culture of the school is clearly one of achievement met through individualized instruction, careful analysis of available data, and support for all students in academics and behavior in a positive environment. I am excited to take on the challenge of helping the staff and students continue their success!

We welcome family involvement in your students' education. If you wish to volunteer or observe, we would be thrilled to have you in the building. Please be sure to call the office to let us know you're coming, and stop there to sign in, too. There will, of course, also be various opportunities to be in the building over the course of the year. The staff will continue working to implement the new Illinois Learning Standards (commonly known as Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards). What this may mean to you at home is sometimes things will not look as they did when you went through school, especially math. Rest assured that all the work we do is rooted in research and best practice, and if you would like I can provide you with resources to look over if you're interested in learning more.

At Tampico Elementary, we aim to provide a warm learning environment free from the fear of failure. Research shows that kids learn better when they are allowed to make mistakes. Please support us in providing the opportunities to reach success, even when it means first trotting through failure! We also will be providing behavioral supports through the PBIS system, as has been done in the past. 

We have many systems of support and instruction we use at Tampico Elementary, but the most important part of educating children is making sure we are doing it as a team- teachers, administration, support staff, and families. And as all great teams operate, we will need to communicate clearly and effectively. As such, please never hesitate to connect with teachers or me about what you feel is best for your student. I can promise that we will do the same.

To a great year full of Tampico Pride!

Jim Geer