Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3

Excellent Education = Empowered Citizens

Tampico Elem. • 304 E. Kimball, Tampico • 815-438-2255

TES Counselor

?When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it?s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.? ~ L.R. Knost

How do I see the counselor?

The counselor meets with students individually and in small groups. In addition, students get once-a-week social-emotional lessons in their classrooms using the Second Step curriculum as well as other lessons to help them grow. Please ask your students to tell you about what they are learning! Questions are always welcome!

Community Counseling Resources

If you are in need of counseling outside the school district, click here for a current list of resources in the area.