Welcome to PLT Middle School

Who are we?
Prophetstown, Lyndon, and Tampico communities have
combined to form a unified school district. 
The district consists of Prophetstown Elementary,
Tampico Elementary, PLT Middle School, and
Prophetstown High School. 
The district has a student population of slightly over 1,000. 
PLT Middle School has an enrollment of about 235 students.

Our Middle School Vision
We recognize that the focus of a middle school is to meet the educational as well as the personal, social, and physical developmental needs of young adolescents.  In an effort to provide the best educational climate possible, we have addressed these developmental needs and established the following ways that our school can respond to them:

Extra Curricular Activities
PLT Middle School feels that an individual’s educational experience can be greatly enhanced by participation in activities outside of the classroom.  Therefore, Volleyball and Basketball are offered for 7th and 8th grades.  6th, 7th, and 8th grades are given the opportunity to participate in Band, Chorus, Quiz Bowl, Football, and Track.  We encourage students to be involved in one or more of these activities.