Transportation Service

Transportation Director
Ginger Blasdell

Bus Drivers
Dawn Fisk
Jackie Lippens
Traci Scobee
Julie Rewerts
Tom Lawson
Carol Clary
Anna Tate

Special Education Driver
Diane Garza
Pat Harrison
Tom Greer

Pre-K Driver
Sue Meier
Tom Lawson
Gyl Rodriquez

Bus Schedules:
These times are estimated and subject to change

4th Grade & 5th Grade Shuttles to Tampico
Bus #4 for 4th Grade / Bus #5 for 5th Grade
Buses leave at 7:40am from the back of P.E.S.
Buses return at 3:20pm to the front of P.E.S. / kids are picked up at playground in the back of P.E.S.
Use Playground as drop off and pick up point.

Tampico Shuttles to Prophetstown from T.E.S.
Bus #10 for High School / Bus #2 for Middle School
Buses leave T.E.S. at 7:35am
Buses return to T.E.S. at 3:20pm / 3:25pm

Lyndon Trailer Park
Bus #6
Pick up is at 7:10am / Leaves at 7:14am
Drop off is at 3:50pm

Lyndon Bus for Middle School & High School kids
Bus #6
Lyndon Park
Pick Up 7:14am / Leave at 7:18am
Drop Off at 3:14pm
Lyndon Progress Center
Pick up at 7:21am / Leave at 7:24am
Drop Off at 3:10pm

In the afternoon there is a need for 2 buses to drop off elementary children at the Lyndon Progress Center.......
Bus #5 and Bus #6

Bus #5

Lyndon Bus for Elementary kids
Lyndon Progress Center
Pick up at 7:05am / Leave at 7:08am
Drop Off at 3:50pm
Lyndon Park
Pick Up 7:10am / Leave at 7:14am
Drop Off at 3:55pm

Bus #6
Lyndon Progress Center for Elementary
Drop Off kids at 3:41pm